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    Permit To Work In South Africa

    Inbound Immigration Services to get a work permit for people who wants to work in South Africa for multiple years

As leading immigration specialists in South Africa, we provide assistance with the following work permits available to persons wishing to work in South Africa

Critical Skill Visa: (4500)

How to apply for a South African Critical Skill Visa if you’re qualified with a skill listed on the Critical Skills List?

An extensive list of Critical Skills has been published by the South African Government for persons with qualifications and/or skills and experience in specific industries and fields. The category is determined by notice in the Government Gazette after consultation with the Ministers of the Department of Labor and Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa. A new points-based system will take into account factors like age, qualifications, language skills, work experience and having an offer of employment, among others.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa: (R4500)

How to apply for a South African Intra-Company Transfer Visa if you’re working for a foreign company with a presence in South Africa?

This work permit is for persons who intend to be transferred to a branch, subsidiary or affiliate company registered and operating in South Africa. This is for transfer of skills to a South African citizen and it is issued for a maximum period of four years. Applicants for an Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa must have worked for the foreign entity for at least six months and provide proof of employment in the form of an employment contract.

Corporate Visa: (R9000)

How to get a Corporate Visa for a South African organisations which need to recruit a number of foreign staff over a set period of time?

The Trusted Employer Scheme is an initiative aimed at simplifying the process of hiring foreign workers for South African corporations and businesses and it is designed for South African based companies that are experiencing difficulty in recruiting the personnel they require from within South Africa. It allows them to make presentation and obtain permission from Home Affairs to recruit, on bulk, foreigners with the necessary skills to fill these positions. It speeds up the work visa application process because they do not have to provide for many of the requirements associated with a work visa.


How to get a South African Business Visa to open a business or invest in a business in South Africa?

South African business visas are issued to persons who wish to establish a new business in the country, or to invest in or take over an existing business. A foreign direct investment of R5million into a prospective business enterprise or a lesser amount as agreed by the DHA should the business enterprise fall within one of the prescribed National Interest sectors of the South African economy. At least 60% of the total staff complement must be South Africans employed permanently.

Permanent Residence: (R9000)

How to get a South African Permanent Residence Permit to settle in South Africa?

Permanent residence permit allows its holder maximum flexibility with regards to entry and exit South Africa. It includes the right to work without restriction, engage in business, own property, study and perform all activities a citizen is permitted to do.You may be eligible to apply for permanent residence if you: Have a work visa for at least the past five consecutive years with a permanent job offer. Have exceptional skills and qualifications. Intend to establish a business or investment in a South African businessPermanent Residence application takes on average 4 – 8 months to process from the date of submission.

Visitor Visa: (R4500)

How to get a South African Visitor Visa for a short-term job or mandate in South Africa?

The Visitor Visa is for expatriates who will be working on a short-term project or assignment in South Africa in the following categories:

Academic sabbaticals
Voluntary or charitable activities
Teachers at international schools
Work in films and advertisements
Foreign journalists sent by foreign news agencies
Visiting professors or lecturers
Academic researches
Artists who wish to write, paint or produce sculptures
Foreigners involved in the entertainment industry
Tour hosts and guides
A Treaty Visas is for a foreigner conducting activities in South Africa in terms of an international agreement to which South Africa is a party.

Remote Working Visa: (R4500)

How to get a South African Remote Working Visa if you’re employed by a foreign company

The Remote Working Visa is also called the Digital Nomad Visa and is for remote workers who want to work in South Africa while employed by a foreign company. The criteria are a minimum annual income requirement of at least R1 million ($55,000). Foreign workers in South Africa will be able to work for foreign companies for six months without having to register with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), but if a foreign worker is issued a visa that goes beyond 6 months, they will have to register with SARS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about long stay work permits for people who wants to work in South Africa

First time applications cannot be submitted from within South Africa and must be done in an applicant’s country of citizenship or residency, unless it falls under an exception.

A visa is for temporary residency and a permit is issued when an applicant receives permanent residence.

You can travel while you are on a valid visa, but it's not possible to travel on a receipt of application, and if your visa has expired, you will be declared undesirable and banned for a period of one to five years.

No, if you apply for a critical skills visa without a job offer, you will receive a period of 12 months to find a job in the category that your critical skills visa has been issued under.

Permanent residency is based on a list of categories, one of them being you’ve worked in South Africa for the past five consecutive years and have a permanent job offer.

Permanent residency takes between 8-24 months, depending on the category under which you apply, but you can apply to the High Court of South Africa for a court order to compel the Department of Home Affairs to adjudicate your application.

Partners and dependants can accompany holders of work visas but they should not be included in permanent residency applications but rather apply at a later time to proof their relationships with the permanent resident.

No, VFS only requires you to bring your passport with you to confirm your identity, but once finished with Biometrics, your passport is handed back to you.

A minimum investment amount of R5 million (unless a waiver has been issued by The Department of Home Affairs) and a positive recommendation from The Department of Trade and Industry.

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