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    Permit To Stay In South Africa

    Inbound Immigration Services for applicants who wants to live in South Africa for multiple years

As leading immigration specialists in South Africa, we provide assistance with the following permits available to applicants wishing to stay in South Africa

Medical Visa: (R4500)

How to get a South African Medical Visa to get medical treatment in South Africa?

The private medical and health care facilities in South Africa are world-class and very often foreigners utilise the facilities and make use of medical treatment visas to undergo medical treatments. Medical visas issued are limited to six months after which it can be renewed. One of the most important criteria to qualify for the medical treatment visa is to get a letter from the medical practitioner or institution in South Africa and proof of funds to cover the expenses must be provided.

Relative Visa: (R4500)

How to get a South African Relatives Visa if you fall within the 1st or 2nd line of kinship of a South African Citizen or resident?

As an example, a son or daughter may apply for temporary and permanent residency whereas a brother or sister may only apply for temporary residency. The relative is required to give sufficient financial assurance to the Department of Home Affairs that he or she can financially sustain the foreign relative (R8 500 per month per relative) for the duration of the visa. This visa is issued for a period of up to two years, but it is extendable.

Spousal Visa: (R4500)

How to apply for a South African Life Partner Visa if you’re in a permanent relationship with a South African citizen or resident?

Spouses or life partners (opposite or same sex) of South African citizens or residents, may obtain a Spouse/Life Partner Visa which will allow them to study, work or conduct a business in South Africa. Spousal relationships are good faith life-partnerships that have existed for at least two years and it meets the criteria of exclusivity, cohabitation and mutual financial and emotional support. The typical long-form requirements for work, study and own business visa requirements are waived under this category.

Retired Visa: (R4500)

How to apply for a South African Retired Person Visa to live in South Africa?

This visa is issued for up to four years to foreigners of all ages who have sufficient financial means from a pension, irrevocable annuities or from assets realising a monthly income of R37,000 per month for the following 48 months. In some cases, financial means are accepted if applicants can prove that they have at least R1.776m in an account anywhere in the world.

Permanent Residence: (R9000)

How to apply for a South African Permanent Residence Permit to live in South Africa?

For permanent residence permit holders, no further visas are needed, and some of the advantages include security from future immigration law changes and fewer banking and financial limitations.

These are some of the categories that an applicant can apply for:

If you have been a spouse (by marriage or life-partnership) to a South African citizen or permanent resident for at least five years
If you are a child, under the age of 21, of a citizen or permanent resident
If you can demonstrate your net worth to be equivalent to no less than R12 million AND undertake to pay to the DHA a non-refundable once-off fee of R120,000 upon the approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered for applicants who wants to stay in South Africa

Yes, all applications must be submitted in person. In South Africa, through VFS Global and abroad, at the South African Consulate or Embassy.

Yes, we can compile your application and familiarise you with submitting the application from abroad.

It is not permitted for an Immigration Agent, Practitioner or Attorney to ask that they keep your passport whilst your application is being processed because you need it as form of identification.

It allows a foreigner to enter and stay in South Africa for a limited period of time, and you must apply before coming to South Africa.

ou are permitted to either work, study or run a business whilst residing with a South African spouse, but it needs to have an endorsement on your visa.

Yes, you must have a valid temporary residency visa whilst you are awaiting the outcome of your permanent residency because your permanent residency will be rejected on the grounds that you are illegal in the country.

You will get a South African ID number, identity book and indefinite leave to remain in the country but you will only get a passport once you get citizenship.

In order to maintain your South African permanent residency, you must not be absent from the Republic for more than three years at a time.

The child can apply for South African citizenship once they attain the age of 18 and on condition that they have resided in South Africa since birth.

You're will receive a letter to explain why your application was not approved, and you're entitled to appeal this rejection within a period of 10 working days for your application to be reconsidered. If rejected again, you will have one more opportunity to appeal before the decision becomes final. Thereafter you can approach the High Court of South Africa for a review to get the decision overturned.

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