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An award-winning immigration service provider in South Africa offering inbound and outbound migration services to various destinations

Visa Request Pty Ltd is a prominent visa and travel solutions provider in South Africa, dedicated to simplifying the complex process of immigration and visa applications for our clients. Our immigration and visa consultants are experts in handling a broad range of visa and permit application processes for individuals wishing to travel or move abroad or corporations with their staff needs.

It’s important to note that we are not a government-sanctioned body and do not make promises regarding visa outcomes. All work is overseen by qualified and registered immigration practitioners, but we are not affiliated with the South African Government. An application for a South African residence does not prescribe the use of representation, and VisaRequest does not charge for the provision of application forms. The forms can also be collected free of charge at the Department of Home Affairs. The ultimate decision to grant or deny a permit or visa rests with the respective authorities. As such, while we strive for success, we cannot guarantee the approval of any client’s visa or permit application.

Our mission is to empower travel agencies, businesses, and individuals by offering comprehensive consulting services that prioritize transparency and reliability. Our dynamic team of immigration consultants provides specialist advice on temporary residence visas, permanent residence permits, appeals on rejected applications, undesirable declaration waivers, V-listing, and legal immigration services. We have a solution to all your visa questions and queries.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our expertise in providing visa assistance. Our team comprises specialists with extensive knowledge of visa application procedures at the Department of Home Affairs and various embassies across South Africa. We take pride in delivering the highest quality visa advice and ensuring a stress-free experience for our clients.

Our senior consultants are all qualified immigration practitioners who will consult with each customer individually online. Our consulting services extend far beyond basic application assistance. We offer personalized guidance to leverage our in-depth understanding of immigration regulations and requirements. Whether you’re a travel agency seeking seamless visa solutions, a corporation with global mobility needs, or an individual planning a journey, our expertise guarantees a smooth and successful visa application process.

At Visa Request, our unwavering commitment is to facilitate travel by delivering top-tier consulting services. We strive to be your trusted partner in visa and travel solutions, helping you navigate the complexities of immigration with confidence.

Our Core Values

The following gives us the ability to deliver on the promise to our clients:

  • We aspire to provide quality advice and the highest standard of expertise in our work

  • We offer improved customer service experience by attending to our customer's needs as professionally and as quickly as possible

  • We aspire to deliver our services speedily but without compromising on the overall quality of our work

  • We promise our customers to be accessible and available to attend to any of their queries

  • We promise to maintain the required confidentiality that our individual clients expect from us

  • We subscribe to the highest integrity standards in executing our duties

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Our Team

Our team comprises specialists with extensive knowledge of visa application procedures at the department of Home Affairs and various Embassies across South Africa.